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October 16, 2012
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Romania x Reader – Samhain

There were so many names to the beloved holiday people enjoyed - especially children! Halloween's names had so many sources. Samhain, All Hallow's Eve, Beggars' Night, Day of the Dead, Halloween... Of course, most commonly in America it was called Halloween and celebrated by children dressed up as monsters or characters from the media or even famous people. Other forms of celebration included witch circles, lighting bonfires, leaving offerings for the dead, carving pumpkins and beets, and memorial festivals.

Tonight you were going to celebrate in the typical American fashion with Vlad - meaning you would be dressing up in costumes, going around with pillowcases or plastic pumpkins, and asking for candy. There was also going to be a large celebration on the town's main street. Considering you lived in a small town, it was going to be huge. Businesses and clubs from all over the area were going to have booths and haunted houses set up for most of the night.

This year you were going to go around the fair, maybe stop at some friends' houses, accompanied by your best friend. Your costume was already on. You were dressed as Mizore from Rosario + Vampire. The wig was a little itchy, but it was definitely worth it. She was so cute, even with the stalkerish tendencies. A knock sounded on your front door, so you grabbed the bowl of candy you were going to leave on the front porch and ran to the door.

You looked through the eye hole to see a small group of kids, and standing on the stairs behind them was a smiling Vlad dressed as - of course - a vampire. You opened the door, smiling at the little kids.

"Trick or treat!" they cried, holding up their plastic pumpkin buckets.

"Oh, look at how cute you are!" you squealed, handing each child a small handful of candy. "Can you tell me what you're dressed as?"

A little boy in the center of the group stepped up first. "I'm Captain America! He's the original hero!"

"So he is! And what about you, sweetie?" you asked, turning to a little girl on his right.

"Um... Sailor Moon..." she said quietly.

"I love that show! You make the perfect Serena," you told her with a huge smile. She smiled back at you before you turned to the last boy, on the little Captain America's left. "And how about you?"

"I'm Doctor Who," he said, holding up a Sonic Screwdriver. He was wearing a bow tie, so he was dressed as the eleventh Doctor.

"Wow! You have to be the best Doctor I've ever seen!" You straightened up, grinning at Vlad, when you noticed a young girl hidden behind Captain America. "And who are you dressed up as, honey?"

The other three children stepped aside to show a cute little girl in a frilly blue dress with an apron. "I'm Alice. That's my name too!" she said.

"Well, Alice, I don't think I'll ever see a better Alice in my entire life. Here you go," you said, placing a handful in her basket beside a little white kitten plush.

"Thank you, Miss!" the kids cried. They ran past Vlad towards two women standing on the driveway. Vlad walked up to you, grinning and revealing two very real fangs.

"Well, you ready to go?" he asked. You nodded, placing the bowl on a table outside the door, and rushed out the door holding a white pillow case.

"Where's your bag?" you asked.

"Right here," Vlad said. He pulled a large pillowcase out of his sleeve. This was just like him.

"Alright, save the tricks for later. Let's go head down to the fair!" you said. The walk to the fair was pretty uneventful. A couple of your friends lived along the way, so you stopped at their houses for a moment. There was going to be a huge haunted house at the fair, so you were both really excited. From what you had heard from previous years, it was the best in town. This year was supposed to be the best yet.

The haunted house you were going to go to was at the far end of the fair. Vlad wanted to go through a few of the booths first, so the two of you stopped here and there. A few times, little kids had stopped the two of you, thinking Vlad was a magician and you were his assistant. It was a good thing he was good with kids and magic stuff. His costume was probably what led them to believe it: He was wearing a top hat with yellow and blue ribbons on it, and a black cape. Of course, with his red eyes and fangs it was different, but he didn't mind doing it for the kids.

Finally the two of you reached the haunted house. Vlad tucked both of your candy bags into a huge hidden pocket in his coat. The place was an old mansion. A big family in town owned it, but they didn't live on the property so they rented it out for public events. This haunted house was just one of them. You had heard that in the previous year that it had been made up into almost a maze. An attendant dressed as a grim reaper would lead you up to a room on the top floor, sometimes one of the tower rooms. From then on you had to weave your way through the mansion and find your way out.

Waiting outside the mansion was a man on a horse. He had no head, and he was holding a glowing jack-o-lantern under his arm. A loud cackle sounded from the head as he waved you in. The horse whinnied and reared up as you stepped through the front door. The first thing you saw was a witch's circle. A beautiful woman in a black dress spoke in an echoing, haunting voice.

"Turn back now, or relinquish your souls to the dead!" she warned, before turning to a small circle of other women and chanting. A glowing light began to surround them. Out of the circle stepped a skeleton in a Revolutionary War uniform, a musket slung over its red coat. It opened its mouth, and a scratchy voice emerged from the empty maw.

"Thy souls are strong. Follow me if ye wish to continue," it said. Its jaw didn't move as it spoke. You grabbed Vlad's arm as the skeleton led you through a decrepit, gloomy corridor.

The two of you followed it up three flights of stairs before it stopped in front of a door to what you believed to be one of the towers. The door swung open, revealing another flight of stairs. The skeleton led you up the stairs, where the door swung shut and locked behind you. While Vlad banged on the door, the skeleton began laughing like a madman as it faded from view. Some huge red curtains, one set on either side of the room, slowly opened. One side revealed a set of doors. The other revealed a torture wall.

A mannequin resembling Agrippa from Amnesia hung from chains attached to the ceiling. An iron maiden leaked blood from the bottom, and a mannequin tied to a wheel hung upside down, daggers buried in its torso and throat. You stepped closer to examine the handiwork of the creators when a slicing sound reached your ears and a torso fell from above you. It reached for you, saying, "Help me..."

You screamed bloody murder. The half-body's hand fell, and it stopped moving. You fell backwards onto the ground and scrambled backwards, only to bump into legs. You screamed again, but the legs bent next to you. It was only Vlad. He hugged you to calm you down.

"Th- the body! It- It fell down and it almost landed on me!" you cried.

"Sh, it's okay, (f/n). Calm down," he said. "It was just a robot. Let's keep moving. The only way out is to go through the rest of the mansion. Can you make it?"

"Y- yeah... I can make it," you replied. "Just... Stay close to me. Actually, c- can I hold your hand?"

Vlad nodded and gripped your hand tightly. The two of you walked across the room and opened the double doors together. They revealed a hallway to you. You looked at Vlad and began walking down the corridor. As you passed one door, it opened slightly. A bloodshot eye peered out, and a hand with impossibly sharp nails reached out at you before clawing more grooves into the door. Vlad pulled you away a bit, only to bump into a man wearing a bloody hockey mask and holding a machete. He screamed like a little girl.

"Don't kill me I'm pregnant!" he shouted. You saw the guy's eyebrows knit together behind the mask before he raised the machete. You dragged him further down the hall, laughing.

"What the hell, Vlad?" you asked.

"I- It worked, didn't it?" he asked.

"Yeah, but that was a really weird approach. Come on, I think we need to go through this door here."

The room was a dead end - it was full of dolls from several different places and times. Another large one had somehow moved in front of the door as you were looking at the dolls. Vlad was not happy. These dolls were really creeping him out. That was when the dolls began giggling. Black doll hair began creeping down the walls, and the dolls began shaking with laughter. The one at the door began moving closer to you, moving very slowly and carefully. Both of you screamed again.

You kicked the doll down and ran out the room, dragging Vlad behind you. This sort of thing continued on for an hour. The other rooms included an old prison filled with actors playing angry murder victims, a clown room, a mad scientist lab, an abandoned surgical room, a vampire's den (which Vlad found very amusing), and a room full of demented toys, where two children were playing catch with a head. The last thing you had to pass through was a flight of stairs.

You could see the light from the open door. "Come on, Vlad! There's the way out!" you cried, dragging the man down the top of the stairs.

The door began to slowly close. "No!" Behind you, you heard a little girl giggling over the sound of a train. The bright lights of a train's headlights blinded you through the opening in the door. Just as you reached it, the door slammed shut. Vlad began to bang on it beside you. You looked behind you, only to see strobe lights begin flickering to life as barrages of monsters slowly descend the stairs.

"V- Vlad... B- Behind us..." you said, yanking on his jacket. He turned, only to flatten himself against the door.

Among the crowd of monsters was a little girl dressed as a doll holding a bloody knife, the Grunt from Amnesia, a Weeping Angel, a werewolf, possessed children and teens, demons, Pennywise the clown, and the Pale Man. You clung to Vlad. The two of you were holding each other's hands in death grips. Both of you were breathing heavily in fear. Cackles and moans from the group of monsters were paired with creepy grins and the shrieks of other people wandering throughout the mansion. Finally you and Vlad couldn't take it.

Both of you screamed at the top of your lungs. You were growing more and more hysterical with each step the monsters took. The door behind you swung open, causing you and Vlad to fall out of the room. Vlad scrambled away, dragging you with him. The door swung shut again, and as it did you caught a glimpse of the doll girl peeking out and grinning at you. Cackles filtered through the crack before the door slammed and locked automatically. You grabbed at Vlad and practically dragged yourself into his lap, where he clutched onto you as if you were a teddy bear.

Standing nearby you was another woman dressed as a witch. She held a basket and was waiting for the two of you to stand. As you moved past her, she handed you each a piece of candy, and she muttered a chant in what sounded like Welsh while flicking water onto you. The two of you were still clutching each other as you walked around the back of the house to head back to the fair. The headless horseman's pumpkin head swiveled under its arm to look and laugh at you.

"Happy Halloween," it rasped with more maniacal laughter.

You and Vlad passed Alfred on the way back. He was heading towards the mansion, dragging along Arthur and a few others. Vlad clutched onto Alfred while you grabbed Arthur's shoulders.

"Don't go in there," Vlad warned.

"If you value your sanity, turn around and go back to the fair. You have to," you said.

"Dudes, calm down! Can't be that scary!" Alfred said with a laugh.

"(f/n), dear, you're white as a sheet!" Arthur said. "Are you okay?"

"Imagine your worst fears when it comes to monsters. Multiply that by infinity, add a dash of hopelessness and a pinch of no chance for escape, and you have that haunted house," you said in a hollow voice.

"Whatever dude!" Alfred said with a laugh. You and Vlad left the small group he had with him, already able to hear Alfred's screams from the horseman outside the door. The two of you headed back to your house, where you hurried inside, dragging Vlad with you.

"D- Don't leave me. Stay here tonight. Please," you begged him.

"Y- Yeah. I'll stay here all night. I won't leave your side, (f/n)," he replied, his silhouette glowing from the huge bonfires being lit on the hills near your house.

"L- Let's watch a good, long, happy movie. How about Paul Blart?" you asked.

"That sounds like a perfect idea."

The two of you spent hours on Netflix watching comedies together, eventually falling asleep curled up together on the couch, still wearing your costumes. Next year you would bring Alfred along only because his reactions would be way funnier than the haunted house would be scary.
This is my entry for :iconhetaliatraditional:'s Halloween contest! And it's also my first time entering a contest here... I hope it's okay >w<''

I noticed a lot of mistakes in my writing, so I fixed it up. I changed Sailor Moon's English name from what I had to what it really is. (I'm watching it in subs so I don't know what her English name is.) Also there were some redundancies that I fixed. I mean, "...a hand with impossibly sharp hands..."?
This is why I write it out on paper before typing e3e

I know it's kinda - make that really - common to use Vlad for Halloween and make him a vampire, but I figured he'd be a good character for this story. Plus he would make some scenes kinda funny if I played them right! I don't think Samhain is the name for Halloween in Romania (it is for sure in Ireland, I know that), but it's one of my favorite names for Halloween.

If you think it deserves a warning because of the horror stuff, please feel free to let me know and I'll change it! ^^

:iconcuteromaniaplz: :iconsaysplz: Mulțumesc, și Halloween fericit!

I've been practicing my Romanian too >w<
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Yukibow Dec 28, 2013  Student Photographer
"DON'T KILL ME I'M PREGNANT!" How can Vlad get pregnant if his a male..? Seems legit.. o3o
Hiyono-chan1209 Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
First thing that came to his mind, that's all! xD
13th-Program Oct 24, 2013  Student General Artist
"IF YOU VALUE YOUR SANITY" ahahah!!!! XD THAT WAS HILARIOUS! XD and... oh Alfred ^^= your so funny when your'e scared XD btw totally love this :))
Hiyono-chan1209 Nov 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm glad you liked it so much! >w<
13th-Program Dec 13, 2013  Student General Artist
you're welcome friend! XD
liamda Aug 12, 2013  Student
lol Romanias preggers
lonelylovesong Aug 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I DIED AT THE "Don't kill me I'm pregnant!"

MY LUNGS ARE NON-EXISTENT. X'''D :iconlaughingplz:
Hiyono-chan1209 Aug 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
xD I think that has to be one of my best lines yet! It always manages to make people crack up!
OHMYGAWD,Doctor who,doctor eleven,matt !!!

Omfg LOL,
"Don't kill me,I'm pregnant!!"

"Whatever dude!" Alfred said with a laugh. You and Vlad left the small group he had with him, already able to hear Alfred's screams from the horseman outside the door.

LOL,I'm laughing my ass off xD

Hiyono-chan1209 Aug 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
xD Well thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
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