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January 4, 2013
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Romano x Reader – Insomnia

There was a bit of a predicament at the moment. First things first, you had gone to visit Antonio with Lovino.  With all of the travel you had just done and the harsh work you had been doing at your two jobs – one as a secretary for a big business and one as a graveyard shift guard for a bank – you were exhausted. Who wouldn’t be in that situation?

The next problem wasn’t quite so simple. Antonio had about five bedrooms. Normally it wouldn’t be a problem, but he also had his two friends Gilbert and Francis over and Feliciano had tagged along with you and Lovino. To count it out: One bedroom for Antonio, one for Lovino and Feliciano, one for Gilbert, one for Francis, and one for you.

Unfortunately, Antonio forgot he was having that many people over at once and had one of the bedrooms torn apart. There was a spare bed in one of the rooms, but it was so old that the springs of the mattress were broken and uncomfortable.

You had offered to sleep on the couch so there would be no fights. The first night it worked out well. Now it was the second night. Normally Feliciano and Lovino shared a bed, but Feliciano instead crashed on the couch. That would have been fine, but you had already woken him up once.

That was also before you realized the only pillow and blanket you had, as well as the single stuffed animal you had brought as comfort from home, was currently being used by Feliciano. Sure, there were other couches, but the only other ones had no little decorative pillows for you to use (they had all been taken into either Francis’ or Gilbert’s rooms) and they were wooden. This left you with nowhere to sleep, no blanket to keep warm, and a long night of no sleep.

As you sat staring into a corner, trying to stay awake, time seemed to slow down for you. When ten minutes passed, it felt like it had been an hour. You remembered that you had permission to use Antonio’s laptop, so you carefully moved it into the room you were sitting in and plugged it in. While it hummed to life, you got yourself as comfortable as possible and set the laptop on your legs. You shivered as the cold plastic touched your uncovered legs, as your only set of pajamas was an oversize t-shirt and some old exercise shorts you had cut off.

After a little while of surfing the Internet, it was so warm that it was lulling you to sleep. Unfortunately, you’d get just far enough along and then suddenly become uncomfortable or become wide awake while still exhausted. Finally you logged into your Netflix account through his computer and tried distracting yourself with movies and old TV shows you had already seen.

Luckily for you, the next thing you knew it was sunrise. This was about the time you got up every day, so you quietly put away the laptop and rushed around to make it look like you had slept somewhere. You ran to the spare bed and messed up the sheets to make it look slept in and mussed your hair. Then you began to make breakfast.

That day was manageable, surprisingly. Nothing much was done, so you didn’t get much more tired than you already were. Basically the most exciting thing that happened was Francis’ drunken antics when he tried a few too many of the wine samples at the vineyard the six of you had all gone to for lunch.

That night wasn’t so lucky for you. Again, Feliciano was asleep on the couch. It looked like it was going to be another sleepless night of watching bad movies. You sat in an armchair and tried your best to stay awake, but the longer you watched, the more your eyes drooped. Before long it was a battle to keep your eyes open. You knew you would pay if you tried sleeping in that armchair.

A few minutes later, a hand fell on your shoulder. You turned slowly to see who it was. Lovino was standing beside you, glaring down at you. The light from the laptop screen was probably bothering him. As you turned it down, his glare reduced into a look of sympathy.

“It’s three in the morning. Why are you still up?” he asked.

Lovino was a jerk to everyone, but he did have his moments of kindness. They were few in number, but they still happened. Usually they happened while he was half asleep. That was probably what was going on.

“Feli decided to use my stuff when he fell asleep on the couch. The only spare mattress in the house has broken springs,” you explained through a yawn.

“You slept there last night, though. Didn’t you?”

You shook your head. “I didn’t want to worry Antonio so I faked it. I stayed up all of last night like this too,” you told him.

Lovino slapped you. He was glaring at you again. You stared up at him and held your cheek, and he just glared down at you. What reason did he have for slapping you? It was uncalled for, rude, and painful!

“You can’t just go and skip a night of sleep! Do you even know what that could do to your health? Especially because you work so hard and we’ve traveled so far! Idiot!” he said. Lovino was whispering, but he might as well have been shouting at you. You stared at him.

“I- I’m sorry, I do know that, but I just couldn’t wake Feli. I mean, look at him… I’d feel bad if I did. I’d feel bad if I woke up any of you,” you whispered in response. You looked down.

Lovino groaned. He ran a hand through his hair and let his hand fall to his side. His other hand was resting on his hip. Both you and Lovino were silent for a few moments. The house was completely silent, and the two of you could hear a siren in the distance.

Lovino sighed and put his other hand on his hip. “Okay, you aren’t going to sleep out here. I’m not going to other trying to convince you. Instead, I’m going to make you come share my bed.”

“Wait, what? No, I won’t take your bed from you!” you protested.

“You won’t be taking my bed. You’ll be sharing my bed with me. Okay?” Lovino explained slowly. You were silent for a moment, but the exhaustion started really getting to you.

“Okay… If you don’t mind…” You stood and followed Lovino to his room. He turned on the light so you could find your way to the bed, and he flicked it off once you were there. Lovino walked over to the bed and crawled around you to the far side, where he lay down facing the wall.

“Good night.”

You blinked at his back for a moment, surprised. A few moments later, you murmured a good night and lay down yourself. Your back was facing his, and you were stiff as a board there. Once you heard Lovino’s breathing deepen and slow, you relaxed and looked over your shoulder at him. He rolled over as you looked so he was facing you. His face was a lot calmer and cuter when he wasn’t constantly glaring at people.

You rolled flat onto your back and looked at the ceiling. After about a minute of lying there silently, you began to roll back over. You were stopped by Lovino moving closer and hugging you to him in his sleep. He mumbled something that couldn’t be understood and snuggled his head into your shoulder.

You lay there, staring wide eyed at the ceiling. That was an extremely weird occurrence and something you hadn’t expected in the slightest. In a moment you relaxed again and dared to look at Lovino. He was so cute asleep. You smiled and closed your eyes, allowing yourself to be lulled to sleep by the patterns of Lovino’s breathing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The next morning, your eyes fluttered open. Where the ceiling should have been were two pairs of eyes: One pair of wide green eyes and one pair of glittering blue eyes. You jerked your head up, startled, and knocked heads with the owners of the eyes. All three of you groaned and clutched your foreheads.

You opened your eyes and saw Antonio and Francis holding their heads. “What are you guys doing in here?!” you demanded in a whisper.

“You were not up first, so we went looking for you. You were not in the spare bed or on the couch, so we checked the other bedrooms and found you here,” Francis explained as he moved his hands and opened his eyes.

“Yeah, and you two are so cute!” Antonio added.

“I don’t care if you’re looking for me or think it’s cute. Get out of here!” you told them as you waved your hands at them to shoo them out.

They didn’t move fast enough. Lovino sat up and stretched, but his arms fell to the bed when he saw Francis and Antonio trying to creep out of the room. His face screwed up, probably in either confusion or anger. It was probably both.

“Get OUT of my room, you fucking creepers!” he screeched. Lovino chucked two pillows at their faces as they cackled and bolted out of the room. He looked at you and yelped in fear, scuttling to the edge of the bed. Then he remembered telling you to go sleep in there and relaxed.

“Morning, Lovino. Thanks for letting me sleep in here with you,” you told him.

“Eh, it was no problem… Y- You sleep well?” he asked. He ran a hand through his hair.

“Yeah, I did. It was really warm…” You trailed off. “You hugged me in your sleep and didn’t let go once.”

“I did?”


An awkward silence followed. You broke it with a question.

“Hey, Lovino. You wouldn’t have done that for anyone at all, let alone held onto them while you slept. Why did you…?” you asked.

Lovino did not answer right away. He crossed his legs under the blankets and folded his hands together in his lap. His face turned a little pink. He took a breath to answer, but before he could, the door slammed open.

“Morning, sleepy heads! Get up for breakfast~!” Antonio shouted from the door. He was acting like nothing had happened earlier. You sighed in embarrassment while Lovino leapt at him in anger. Looked like there would be no answers for you any time soon.
Oh, sleep, why do you evade me so? I started this up last night because I felt like writing a Romano insert and I was up at one in the morning with nowhere to sleep. My situation is like what's happening in the story: My room's being painted and we're putting up new decorations and a new ceiling fan and new blinds, and last night my mom decided to sleep on top of my makeshift bed, leaving me nowhere to sleep. If she hadn't woken up at three I wouldn't have slept at all.

Well, let me know what you guys think! And I hope none of you have insomnia like I do, no matter the situation.
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